I create gardens for people to enjoy, naturally the starting point for that process is you, the guiding influence.

Time is taken to consider your gardening knowledge, tastes and aspirations, this will influence many of the decisions we make along the way. Ultimately my aim is to produce a garden that you will enjoy living and growing with over many years, as with my own garden which you can see here:

English Garden article

Gardening for me started with my own “patch” in my parents’ garden, next came container gardening; every kind of pot, from chimney, to old tins and hanging baskets. My first real garden is where I started to discover the world of plants.

Although having never formally trained in garden design, the skills I use on a day-to-day basis in my work as a graphic designer transfer well to the world of horticulture and garden design.


Reading ‘Designing with plants’ by Piet Oudolf was a seminal moment for me, the point at which I really started to explore the endless possibilities plants have to offer.

My plant knowledge and enthusiasm continues to grow and is evident in the designs I produce.


Plants on their own are incredibly diverse and offer a myriad of possibilities but they are enhanced even further with the use of carefully considered hard landscaping.

From steel to concrete, I like to explore all possibilities, using not only natural stones, but also considering more unusual industrial, products.


Should you be thinking of replanting part of your garden, or considering a complete redesign, it may be useful to download the questionnaire below and complete before my initial visit.

If you would like to know more about projects to date, or my process and pricing structure, click on the following links:

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